AIO (ALL-in-ONE) portal

Circle Benefits Portal

More and more groups are understanding the need to truly have an “all in one” portal where wellbeing is at the central core of awareness, education and motivation but also combines all benefit offerings into a single, user friendly and coordinated approach. Circle Health Partners has developed one of the first custom unified benefits portal that not only acts as a central hub for all group providers but also coordinates a single unified messaging tool for secure, coordinated messages from providers to members. Now, there is just one place that members need to go for open enrollment, checking their wellness activity and incentives, EAP services or reviewing health or pharmacy claim activity etc.


The HR or benefits coordinator also has their own administrative dashboard to manage a yearly calendar of activities and deadlines for all group benefit offerings. There is no need to remember different passwords and going to different sites. And, it doesn’t matter how many different vendors your group is using. Just imagine your group’s enrollment platform, TPA, PBM, predictive modeling vendor, specialty providers etc. all being accessed from one central dashboard or site? Circle will help administer your overall vision and approach and unify your unique providers for more control and better management of your offerings. Call us today to learn more!