Circle Wellness

Circle Wellness’ solutions save money and save lives. We help clients all across the country achieve return on investment (ROI) goals, enhance productivity and create a healthier and more well-rounded workforce. We do this by supporting our client’s benefit objectives, helping members become more aware of their total wellbeing (the circle of wellness) and provide education, motivation and ongoing support—all backed up by smart analytics.

Circle Wellness also specializes in providing clients with custom platforms and solutions, recognizing that each client is special and unique. We learned more than 25 years ago, one package doesn’t fit all. Visit or contact us today to learn more!

  • • Integrative approach with other health benefits
  • • Customized programs to fit client culture
  • • Proactive and consultative account management
  • • Incentive program design and implementation
  • • Detailed and customized reporting
  • • Proven operational and service excellence
  • • On-line, telephonic and paper scheduling
  • • Health risk appraisals utilizing paper, on-line and/or on-site technology
  • • On-site health screenings utilizing venipuncture and/or fingerstick
  • • Targeted age/gender specific blood screenings
  • • On-site personal consultations
  • • On-site health coaching
  • • Follow up programs for at-risk population
  • • Year-long education and communication programs
  • • Self-care programs
  • • On-site Immunizations
Circle of Wellness

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